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What are cookies?

"Cookies" make websites work better and allow websites to remember previous actions or settings. They are small text files stored on your computer's hard drive by the browser and may contain information about you or your computer. Cookies are NOT viruses.

Cookies do a lot of different jobs, such as letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and saving you time because you won't have to keep re-entering your details each time you visit.

We use cookies to help us to analyse how you and our other customers use our site, so that we can make improvements. They can also help to ensure that the adverts you see online are more relevant to you.

Cookies are split into "First-Party" (those set by our website directly) and "Third-Party"* (those set by partners of our website) and are classed as either 'session cookies' (only set for that session) or 'persistent cookies' (which are stored on your browser between sessions and recognise you on your return).

It is important to note that you can disable cookies completely, or just some types of cookies. You can do this in your web browser at any time.

Blocking and deleting cookies

You can set your browser options so that you can delete or refuse to accept cookies. To do this you should refer to your browser:

Firefox: For more information go to the Mozilla support page 

Safari: For more information go to the Apple support page 

Internet Explorer: For more information please go to the Microsoft support page

Chrome: For more information go to the Google Chrome support page 

However, please note that if you delete or refuse cookies for our site some parts of the site will not function properly such as log in.

Alternatively, you may wish to visit  for more comprehensive information on how to do this on a wide variety of browsers. This site provides more information about cookies and also tells you how to delete them from your computer.

For information on how to do this on the browser of your mobile phone you will have to refer to the handset manual and/or the manufacturer.